Our Story

Learn | Apply | Heal

It all started with a small incident that happened during the lockdown time when an 80 years old lady approached Esha for getting herself treated for severe Headache with the help of acupressure points as she was unable to visit a doctor because of the COVID-19 havoc all around. This was the first time the lady was exposed to this 2000 years old ancient technique of healing with the help of points present in our body. Esha understood her problem and treated her with right point pressure therapy and she was relieved from the pain to a great extent.     

She was full of Joy as this was the first time she got relieved from the Headache so easily. She murmured “ Kash Mere Ghar Mein Bhi Kise ko Acupressure ka Gyan Hota…” and that’s how it all begins. 

Acugyan aims to teach Basics of Acupressure to at least one member of each and every home of India by providing basic Acupressure courses focused to cure themselves or their loved ones during a basic illness like cold, cough, fever, headache, vertigo, migraine, backache & similar illness.


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Esha Mahesh Atha

Founder & Trainer

Esha has always been a highly energetic lady who can always be found either learning something new or finding something new to learn. And the result of it is that she is learned in acupressure and acupuncture, reflexology, seed therapy, color therapy, yoga, and the list just goes on and on and on. Apart from this, she is also a Karate Black belt. In short, she has a lot of knowledge to be shared. She has also utilized her acupressure and acupuncture skills by participating in a number of camps organized for the treatment of the underprivileged. In a nutshell, she can be the best person to teach you acupressure therapy.