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Self Heal - I

Learn the basics of acupressure and heal your loved one in the comfort of your home.

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These range from healing the body and balancing the emotions to clearing the mind and enhancing the spirit, for both preventive care and creating vibrant health we want.

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Tension Relief

Acupressure Releases Tension, heightens the body’s energy, and enhances well-being.
Acupressure also releases tension from the stresses of everyday life and creates relaxation and balance.

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Relieving Pain

Acupressure reduces pain. Points can relieve pains like arthritis, headaches, and chronic pains, etc. Acupressure Therapy offers relief with no risk of harmful side effects like medicines. Acupressure is a drug-free therapy and is easy to learn and do at home.

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Stress Relief

Living with Stress can affect the quality of your life. Stress causes shallow breathing, which can lead to irritability, frustration, and eventually chronic fatigue.
Many people turn to unhealthy habits, such as smoking, overeating, and alcohol drinking to counteract stress and tension. Instead, you can use Acupressure Points to manage difficulties in a positive way.


Self-Care for
Common Ailments

Acupressure Self-Care Techniques can relieve stress and counteract dozens or tons of common complaints.
Self-Acupressure also allows us to do according to what’s natural, rather than being caught in a medicinal trap.


Healing Emotions
and Trauma

Acupressure can also relieve emotional pain as well as Trauma and helps in restoring the flow of energy in our body.


Sexual Healing,
Pleasure and Intimacy

Ancient practices use the Acupressure points to enhance sexual energy in lovemaking. Acupressure for Lovers also fortifies fertility, arousal, sperm count, and sexual endurance, enhancing sexual pleasure. Lovers have the advantage of stimulating the acupressure points with full-body embraces, kisses, and the secrets of touch. Learn special Acupressure Points for heightening spiritual awareness and the chemistry of your love and relationship.

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Optimal Health
and Longevity

Acupressure Therapy strengthens resistance to disease and helps in promoting wellness.

Back Pain

Healing Injuries &
Back Problems

Acupressure for healing injuries and relieving back pain can also be an effective adjunct to chiropractic treatment.

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Beauty & Toning Treatment

An Acupressure beauty treatment enhances muscle toning and increases the circulation of blood. This can lessen the appearance of wrinkles on our skin without drugs or surgery.


Mental & Spiritual

Acupressure can also be a practical way of deepening your mental as well as your spiritual life.


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No side effects



Meena Rathod

Attending Self Heal - I & II was one of the finest decisions. This has empowered me with the confidence of treating certain illnesses by myself. Thank You Acugyan and Esha for coming up with such wonderful workshops

Rohini Dave

My husband has been suffering from Spondylitis for the past 2 years. We are not ready to get it operated on and neither it's possible to go on rest for a long period bcos of day-to-day work. Thanks to Self Heal - II workshop by Acugyan. Now I have been giving Rahul regular pressure treatment in the comfort of our home and time and I am more than happy to share that it has started to show good results.

Sana Shaikh

Never knew it would be so easy to learn acupressure common illness points at the convenience of my home that too within an hour's time. Kudos to Acugyan for coming up with such wonderful cost-effective and full-of-Gyan workshops.   

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